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Ready to hit the Trails?

These two maps show all the trails in the Pemberton MTB Park and road rides if that is more your style.

These maps are available at our office or at the Pemberton Visitor

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Photographer Mark Hudson


The Pemberton Cycling Association members work hard all year round to keep the trails clear and rider friendly. They are constantly repairing and improving the trails, if you would like to support them by becoming a member or volunteer your time on the trails - click on the links below:


MTB Trails


Pemberton MTB Trail Map - JPEG_Page_1.jpg
Pemberton MTB Trail Map - JPEG_Page_2.jpg

Road Routes


Road Route Flyer JPEG_Page_1.jpg
Road Route Flyer JPEG_Page_2.jpg

      Wage Event 2022 


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Photographer Mark Hudson


IMG_9660 (003).JPG

Photographer Mark Hudson


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